Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sunday Summary

Mr Prue has had a cold and this brought back some of the symptoms he had with pneumonia. He had been making such good progress too. I'm hoping he'll get over this setback soon. In spite of this we've seen two films - Las Acacias and Habemus Papem; both subtitled, both intruiging and entertaining.

And we were up early on Saturday for a geology meeting arranged by the West Midlands OUGS (Open University Geology Society). Five speakers, all very good; three of them were excellent. I love listening to talks by people who can speak about their work in an informative and entertaining way, and whose enthusiasm shines through. It's infectious and energising :)

In a few spare moments, I've been reading about the First Intermediate Period (2160 - 2055 BC) in ancient Egypt. Historians try to piece together what happened in those far-off times using small amounts of information which have survived, against all odds. It's like working out the picture from a 5000-piece jigsaw where ninety-nine percent of the pieces are missing.
And I find it fascinating! :D

Typing-in all the revised words and sentences for The Green Ribbon. It's finished but there's the not-so-small-and-very-confusing matter of breaking it up into chapters. Sometimes the break is clear; sometimes it isn't. More information can be found here.


  1. I love reading about history too! I work for an educational publisher, and even though our books are for teenagers, I still love reading our history text books. Text books are so much more interesting than when I was a kid!

    Good luck getting your chapters sorted. I tend to break mine up as I write, but often have to go back and break one into two.

    1. I hope Mr. Prue recovers from his setback soon. :(

    2. Thanks Sari. This week has been so busy I've let the story sleep a while. Sometimes that helps :)

  2. Thanks Rabia. I think he's improving again but slowly. Soon it will be spring and warmer which will help.