Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sunday Summary

Here in the middle of England, it's a bone-chilling cold day with grey skies and mist. In spite of this, I saw a few hawthorn leaves fully opened yesterday, and patches of golden crocuses. The delicate white heads of snowdrops are appearing too so spring is not far away. Freezing temperatures are forecast for the week ahead so I won't be putting my winter woolies away just yet :)

Today we did The Big Garden Birdwatch run by the RSPB. We sat in the warmth of an upstairs room overlooking the back garden to count the birds seen in one hour. As usually happens all the birds disappeared, but after half an hour watching there were a few unexpected visitors like a flock of goldfinches who came to eat the seeds from the birch tree. Even this early in the year they are brightly coloured and a real treat to see on a grey day.

Life has been hectic, energy low (I caught Mr Prue's cold) so I've had a break from writing.
Tomorrow I get out my short story again and sort out where those chapters should go!

I seem to work for longish periods, writing or revising regularly - and then there's a break. I don't know if I need it or whether other things push it out?


  1. I have fallow times, too. Just like garden soil, my mind needs to rest before it can get on with the job of growing and blooming more stories.

  2. That's a nice metaphor. Thanks Rabia :)

  3. A cold snap is finally upon us Prue! Enjoyed your Goldfinch tale, I have not seen any about the garden this year.

  4. Cold it is Bertie! I'm wearing my thickest jumper. Hope you're keeping warm.
    I hadn't seen any goldfinches this winter either so it was lovely.
    I've seen a lot of long-tailed tits when out walking though - many more than I usually see.

  5. I don't know why but I'm unable to use the 'reply' button to comments.