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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Films Added

I've added a new page to the right-hand bar: films.
Mr Prue and I go to the cinema regularly at the local arts centre. There's a nice balance between the more popular mainstream films and foreign films.

I really like sub-titled films even though it means more work as I don't speak any language - other than my own - fluently enough to follow a whole film. These films are usually very different from mainstreams; slower in pace (although not always), often beautifully filmed, and leave me with a greater feeling of satisfaction at the end, or something to take away and think about. It's a bit like eating a chocolate brownie (sub-titled film) compared with a stick of candyfloss (high-action mainstream).

At the end of the year we can never remember which films we've seen, so this year I'll try to keep a note of them here.

Come and have a look - there maybe something which takes your fancy. Or perhaps you could share your favorite film.

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