Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Blog of the Week

I limit myself to a selection of blogs, otherwise I could sit at my computer all day and be entertained by the huge amount of blogging available - and do nothing else!

So, in celebration of the blogs in my life, and as thanks to those who provide information, entertainment and interest, I give you my 'Blog of the Week'.

First off is What ho Hidcote! by Bertie Bainbridge.

This is a glorious blog to look at. Bertie, who works at Hidcote Manor Garden in Gloucestershire, posts lots of photos of the garden. Some are early morning shots, others late in the day; times when the garden is closed to the public.

Bertie has a great collection of photos of individual plants too, and he shares his knowledge about plants and gardening in a very easy, accessible, fun way. His blog has been going for a year or two now so there's plenty to see and read.

What ho Hidcote is great at any time of year but is particularly good viewing in the depths of winter. Get along there and remind yourself what sunshine looks like :)


  1. Greetings Prue! Thank you for your kind words and support, I'm extremely glad you enjoy my ramblings! I can only hope this year in the garden is as good as the last. I look forward to seeing you soon!

  2. What ho Bertie! Fingers crossed for this year. I'm looking forward to seeing you too. Not long to go before the garden opens. Yay! :)