Sunday, 8 January 2012

Sunday Summary

The New Year is well under way; no snowdrops yet but the hazel catkins are beginning to swell and today I saw some of the reddish female flowers on hazel trees in Hampton wood, my local nature reserve. Spring is still some way off but at least it's on the horizon.

I'm just getting round to reading the biggest of my Christmas books: Britannia's Daughters: The Life and Times of Diplomatic Wives by Katie Hickman, daughter of one of those ambassador's wives. The book is beautifully illustrated and enjoyable to read although my hair stands on end when reading about the trials and tribulations some of these women had just travelling to their destination, let alone dealing with what awaited them once they arrived. It reminds me to read again Passenger to Teheran by Vita Sackville-West when she accompanied her husband, Nigel Nicholson, to Teheran in the 1920's.

I re-read Mystery in Morocco prior to starting work on it again (one of this year's goals - others can be seen on my writing blog). It's been about a year since I looked at the novel. Leaving it that long meant I saw lots of things which could be changed - for the better.

Have started Lesson 20 for HTRYN on my short story set in Scotland. The lesson after this one is the last in the course - the type in. And then I'll be looking for readers!


  1. I'll be a reader! Pick me, pick me! *raises hand and waves*

  2. Oooo! Would you? That would be great :)
    Thanks very much for offering!

    1. Of course! Just PM on the forums or email me via my contact form on my site. :)