Saturday, 29 October 2011

Saturday Summary

Finished cutting and rewriting my short story. It was an unpleasant surprise when I got a strong and sudden lack of confidence about the story. So I put it to one side and wrote something for a competition.

The mini-saga competition is on Helen Yendall's blog. Only open to subscribers, the story must be 100 words or less and inspired by a lovely autumnal picture provided by Helen. Closing date is midnight GMT on 31st October so not long left.

I like the way short stories make me aware of the function of each sentence, phrase and even each word. I figure practicing on shorts will enable me to extend this to a longer short story and eventually a novel. So thanks Helen :)

Week 2 of Ancient Egyptian history galloped us through Dynasty 0. I've been reading up about Pre-dynastic (before kings) Egypt and am still amazed at the thousands and thousands of years when all man had was stone tools - and the fact that my computer was obsolete after 6 years!

The new refridgerator arrived and is so quiet I find myself listening to see if it's still working. Occasionally it burbles to itself. It's often the little things that count in life - like the pleasure of being able to open the fridge door fully, and without it sounding like something from a house of horror movie, and without the bits of plastic dropping on the floor.
The old fridge served us well but also became obsolete...a long time ago.  R.I.P.

And Finally...
After being unable to eat chocolate for the last 8 years (resulted in migraines) I've found I can now eat small amounts of milk chocolate without any ill effects! Today I had a few Maltesers. They were wonderful :)

What small things do you value, that you would really miss if they disappeared?


  1. I don't consider chocolate a small thing. :D

    Things I'd miss if they went away: the game Rush Hour, chocolate-covered nuts, black spiced tea, Holly's forums (O.o! Not a small thing either)...

  2. I don't know the game Rush Hour, sounds frantic and fun :)
    Chocolate covered nuts! Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Prue this is great news, you’ll be on king size bars of Cadburys by Christmas! I would definitely miss a white cotton handkerchief. I have found them consistently useful to have about ones person!

  4. :D I'll end up king-size if I do that Bertie :D

    As for the hankies, one never knows when the next sneeze is coming...or when there'll be coffee to mop up (which is what mine usually gets used for!).

  5. LOL on 'I'll end up king-size!'

    For my part, I couldn't live without coffee shops. Sipping on a hot, sweet and energizing beverage while chatting on-line via Wifi with wonderful people all over the world is one of modern life's little miracles.

    And, as winter approaches, there are electric blankets to be grateful for!

    BTW, I fed the fish, and they should be satisfied for a few days now--or they'll end up king-size too! :D

  6. Thanks for dropping by and feeding the fish, Kirsten. They seem to be forever hungry ;)

    Oh coffee! I start every day with freshly ground coffee. It's smooth and flavoursome and a great way to get going.

    Haven't tried electric blankets yet. Another winter like last one and I'll be pluggin in :D