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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sunday Summary

In spite of a fluey bug, I cracked on with revising my short story. Exciting and motivating to see it come together and represent more accurately that wonderful story I have in my head. What is teasing me at present is how writers find beta-readers. Not quite ready for others to read it yet but getting closer. Yay!

Mr Prue and I started an evening class on ancient Egyptian history. Strange to think that a few thousand years ago the Saharan desert was once covered in grass with herds of gazelles bouncing around! *lol* I seem to have a tendency to write 'dessert' instead of 'desert' :)

My main reason for going is background information for the next book after Mystery in Morocco.

Next week
Carry on rewriting my short story - nearly half-way through!
Finish editing a document I agreed to do.
Catch up on emails.
Catch up with the more necessary household tasks abandoned this last week.


  1. If you need beta readers, there's a great forum I can recommend you can ask around on... ;)

  2. Thanks very much Rabia. That would be very useful.
    I'm also looking into local writing groups although I have some reservations about those...

  3. Hi Prue! Ancient Egyptian history? How fascinating! If it was on the menu I would definitely order a Saharan dessert.


  4. *lol*
    Sounds a bit gritty to me ;)
    Maybe I'll invent something when I finish Mystery in Morocco, as a celebration...