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Monday, 31 October 2011


I took time out to write around 1000 words for a competition entry.

Mark Bellingham has written the beginning of a crime story; all you have to do is finish it. Details are here - please note the closing date is midnight 4th November 2011.

Two prizes: “Author’s Choice” prize and £1,000 to spend at PLUS the entry with the most public votes will win £250 of books.

Terms and conditions are on the website – along with some very good stories.

I’ve worked on this all day and am reasonably satisfied with the story. It’s not the sort of story I would have considered writing but having started, it was fun to write. It was a challenge trying to match the voice of the first bit of the story written by Mark Bellingham. While this wasn’t a condition of entry, it’s what I wanted to do, giving a funny yet dark story.

Amazing what can be done if one focuses!

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