Monday, 9 May 2011

Back to Writing

Another week begins and with Easter and the bank holidays out of the way (and Mr Prue back to work) I've turned my attention again to writing.

Mystery in Morocco still hangs round my neck but I'm focusing on short stories. I figure that these will be less complex to write than a novel and will allow me to concentrate on a few characters.

Lesson 3 resulted in three lightning flashes and ideas for three short stories, all romance with a hint of mystery. I feel excited by the ideas and have based them on things from my SSM. Lesson 4 beckons

Special Occasion
Before I get too carried away with the writing, I need to make sure we have something to eat tonight. Thanks to a friend sending a reminder, I now know it's our wedding anniversary. With all the concerns about Mr Prue's health for the past few weeks, it had clean gone out of my head!

So I'm off now for a walk to the shops in the sunshine in search of a card for Mr Prue and some flowers for us to share :)


  1. Happy anniversary, Prue! And that's great that you're getting back to your writing again :)

  2. Thanks Rabia :)
    Thanks Sari :)
    And yes, it's so good about the writing. A relief!