Thursday, 12 May 2011

Another day...

...and another upheaval!

Mr Prue is in hospital but at least we might find out what is wrong with his lung. He was kept in overnight and today has been starved prior to a scan.

Yesterday, the consultant returned with a group of students and described Mr Prue as 'an interesting case' :)
Never have so many fingers tapped on his torso in half an hour! :D

So what happens this afternoon I'm not sure. I do know that my Muse has taken a holiday as have all my characters and those cool ideas for three short stories. Ah well. Plenty of ironing to do...


  1. Poor Mr. Prue. Sending good wishes and prayers.

  2. Hope he gets better soon, Prue! And your muse returns, too.

  3. Thanks Rabia - I think the prayers are working because he's getting more like his 'old self' which is a great relief!

  4. Thanks Sari. He's improving slowly but surely. My Muse flickers into life periodically so I have two sketches for short stories which is better than nothing at all!