Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Split Prudence :)

I have an HTTS Walkthrough blog at http://prudencewombat.wordpress.com/ which I intend keeping for my progress with HTTS.

This blog will keep going, and hopefully be more active than it has been recently.

Mr Prue is still ill with a lung infection which has caused fluid to accumulate. He's still taking antibiotics, is unable to walk very far and sleeps a lot. He looks better than he did (not difficult!) but thankfully is no longer loosing weight. He gets to see a specialist soon.

We seem to have had a lot of holidays in the UK recently - Easter and then the long weekend just gone. I had no intention of watching the royal wedding but really wanted to see The Dress and then I was hooked and drawn in by all the pagentry and pomp. The trees in Westminster Abbey were delightful and it's good to know they will be planted at Highgrove along with a number of other plants in the Abbey.

I've done very little writing for some time - partly because I've been ill, partly because of the holidays and the break in routine. Today I had energy and spent all day restoring the house to some degree of cleanliness, changing sheets, washing clothes and digging the garden. Felt good to be able to move without coughing! The glasshouse is cleaned out, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, parsley and courgettes planted and seeds sown.

There are a number of jobs still to be done and some workmen coming in later this week so I've given myself the rest of the week off as far as writing is concerned and will start again next week.

It's good to get back here! Hope you're all well and enjoying life :)

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