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Friday, 4 March 2011

Fabulous Friday

It's fabulous because the sun is shining! :D
There has been continuous grey cloud sitting over Britain for some time so this is glorious.

It's also fabulous because I've finished an entry for a writing competition. I've had a rough week in some ways, derailed from some of my routine, so I was astonished when details of a local competition came through (Warwick Words Book Project) and I planned and wrote a 200 word story in a couple of days!

Ok, I admit to having a prevarication pixie sat on my shoulder for half an hour but after I shrugged it off the writing got done.

The story is printed out and put in a drawer to be read next week. There's plenty of time as the closing date is April 16th. I'll be submitting next week and, in a sense, I will have won when the work goes in. I will have broken that first hurdle all would-be writers need to get over: submitting their first piece of work, however short.

It would be difficult to write a shorter piece - haiku perhaps? The sense of achievement and pleasure I feel is out of proportion to the word count involved :D


  1. Nice work! Contests are a great way to polish your skills, especially if detailed feedback is offered as part of the judging. And you get to "submit" before "submitting", so when it comes time to query agents, you'll feel like an old pro!

  2. Thanks Roberta :)
    I figured that starting small might be a good way to go. I was amazed at how 200 words made me focus on what each word was doing!
    Awesome exercise :)

  3. Haiku are interesting, perhaps the ideal exercise for the short-story writer as every syllable has to count. Even more taxing if you stick to the spirit of the originals and include a seasonal reference too. Mind you, if you catch yourself procrastinating by writing haiku about your work, it's probably time to get a grip. :)

  4. :D

    Sharing thoughts with friends
    Is cool, summer or winter.
    Connection of minds.

  5. :D Wonderful, Prue. You always brighten up my day. ;) I'm cheering for you, lady.

  6. Thanks very much for the compliment :)
    And for the good wishes!