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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Saturday Special - Haiku

Haiku are short Japanese poems which are written in a specific way. An offshoot of these is English haiku. These try to maintain a form as close to Japanese haiku as possible but are, of course, written in English.

English haiku consist of seventeen syllables arranged in three lines. Lines contain 5, 7 and 5 syllables respectively.

I've been writing haiku for years and started when I found a chatroom on the Internet where everyone posted in haiku :)
We kept to the seventeen syllables and didn't go in for any further nuances such as a mentioning or implying season, or putting in a break (usually with a full stop).

Some years ago, it was claimed that Japanese software had replaced Microsoft error messages with haiku poetry. These computer haiku can be seen here.

A haiku I wrote yesterday in reply to pageofswords comment was:

Sharing thoughts with friends
Is cool, summer or winter.
Connection of minds.

Here's one I wrote in the winter:

White snowflakes falling
Dancing with the cold north wind.
Raindrops in ballgowns.

And I really liked the one on pageofswords blog about spring.

They're short and really focus the mind on words.
If you write haiku, perhaps you'd like to share yours? If you've never tried why not have a go? They're fun :)

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