Thursday, 3 March 2011

I wonder what happened?

One day a week I work in the Historic Environment Records based at the nearby county town. I put data onto the database and currently I'm working on gardens. Old gardens in the county which appear on old maps but have long since disappeared under housing developments; and old gardens which still survive in some shape or form.

I'm going through two large books which were the product of a survey done in the late 90s. I read the background information on the property, enter relevant data on the data base and then plot the garden on a modern map.

I love working with maps and I love gardens so this is a cool job :)

One other thing I like about it: there are all sorts of interesting snippets of information. The other week it was finding that George Elliot lived near Nuneaton and on the old map the house and garden could clearly be seen.

This week, Brownsover Hall, near Rugby provided some drama. The Hall belonged to Sir Theodosius Boughton of Lawford Hall. After the murder of Sir Theodosius in 1780 and the sale of the bulk of the estate, Brownsover was retained for Sir Theodosius' sister, widow of the murderer, Captain Donellan. Later she married again; Sir Egerton Leigh of Harborough Parva, Warwickshire and they settled at Brownsover Hall.

I wonder what happened, what the story is behind that?

Today, the Hall is an hotel - but is said to be haunted.

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  1. Re Ikea Stonehenge, it's a fact. See what top journalist Michael White of the Guardian said some time back.