Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Symptoms Gone!

After my last post, I forgot about this blog until I received a couple of emails. Thanks to those of you who expressed concern, which touched me greatly.

The gas-man came in the middle of the night, checked for gas leaks and put a big sign on the boiler saying 'DO NOT USE'. Next day I phoned British Gas at 8am and three hours later a man arrived to check and service the boiler, and he gave me an audible carbon monoxide alarm.

Within a few days all the symptoms I'd had were gone.

The thought that I'd been breathing in an odourless, poisonous gas made me feel quite creepy. How fortunate that I often open all the windows in the house to let some fresh air in.

Up until this incident, I'd been feeling so dreary after Mr Prue's passing away that I wished I'd gone with him, and even had a few thoughts about how I might end my life. Being affected by a gas which has been known to kill people gave me a huge shock, and I've stopped thinking those horrible dark thoughts.

It's an ill wind, as they say.


  1. Aw, *HUGS*, Prue. I am so glad they caught the gas problem and so glad that it woke you up to the fact that you have so much good life to live and that you are important to many many people.

    Please keep posting. We are there to support you.

    1. *HUGS* back Rabia.

      I will keep posting. Thank you so much for the support. It's heartwarming to have so much support from so many people!

  2. I haven't heard from you in a while, so I thought I'd stop by and say hello. How's life in your little corner of the world these days?
    We miss you. :)

  3. Life chugs along, sometimes good, sometimes not so good. Thanks for dropping by. Nice to know I'm thought about :)
    Bless you
    Prue x