Sunday, 17 June 2012

Jubilee and other disruptions

I really like our Union Jack flag - it's so colourful and carries with it past history and represents England, Wales and Scotland. There were a lot of them around in the village on the Jubilee weekend, and they are still up, fluttering in the breeze as bunting across streets, and draped artistically across the front of houses, with the occasional large flag. It looked jolly and it's a pity the sun disappeared for the Jubilee celebrations -- but it wouldn't be a proper British Bank Holiday without grey skies and the threat of rain ;)

Mr Prue had a downturn in health, and each time this happens I have to work hard at not worrying - which is tiring. He shared his bugs with me so I've been under the weather too which is why this blog has been abandoned for a while.

Before the Jubilee our evening class had a day trip to the British Museum. It was during a spell of hot and humid weather so Mr Prue sensibly stayed at home. A fascinating day as we had our tutor (an Egyptologist) with us.

Compost bin number 2 is finished; and I've been making a plan of the front garden to work out where the plants will go. As the weather is still cool and rainy (make that cold - we've had the heating on!) I need to get out the gardening books and start choosing plants which will a) look good b) grow in the dry sun-trap (when we have sun, that is) which is the front garden. A pleasant task.

Last week at around nine thirty in the evening, when it was dusk but with enough light to see, we had a wonderful view of fox-cubs playing in the garden! Their home is underneath a semi-derelict stable in the 'wild' area. I knew there were two cubs; it was a delightful surprise to see two joined by a smaller third. They had great fun chasing each other around the back lawn underneath the tree. We had great fun watching from the back window :)

Hope you've had fun things to see or do recently!

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