Monday, 21 May 2012

Monday Summery

Yes, that's summery as in summer :)
The sun came out this afternoon and took us from winter (cold enough to require winter clothing and heating on in the evening) to summer (warm enough to remove said winter clothing and replace with something lighter). We have weird weather sometimes.

One good thing about the prolonged cold is that the spring flowers have been around a lot longer than usual. Bluebells are still blooming as are cowslips, and cow parsley is somewhat later than usual.

Cow Parsley Along Edge of Country Road
Bluebells in Local Nature Reserve

Not much has happened. It's been cold. We've had flu. Yesterday evening, desperate to get out, we went to see Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. What a cracker of a film! It's a comedy and had everyone laughing. Like all good comedies, it had its sad moments and reduced me to tears (just a few, nothing torrential).

I like any film with Ewan McGregor in it, so I settled down happily to watch. Then there was Amr Waked who played the sheik who wanted salmon. Now there's a character who I have to have in my next book! You can see a picture of him on my Pinterest site.

It's been too wet and cold to garden, so I have had time to do quite a bit of reading for the Ancient Egyptian evening class we go to. There's another essay looming so time to start planning that soon. There has been time to do some writing which I'll be blogging about here some time this week.

And to end with more sunshine and flowers:

Warwickshire Buttercups
And for those who prefer animals to plants:

I took this close to the field of buttercups. What a pleasant rural scene :)

Have yourselves a good week, and fingers crossed for more warm sunshine!


  1. Greetings Prue! Excellent images, particularly of the narrow path snaking away through the buttercup. The Cow Parsley seemed especially magnificent this year billowing in the lanes!

  2. What ho Bertie and thanks very much. The buttercups were taken a couple of years ago up near Edge Hill and the cow parsley over that way too.
    Isn't cow parsley called Queen Anne's lace? It certainly looks frothy and lacey.