Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Sunday Summary -- What Sunday Summary?

Pansies in glasshouse, Winterbourne garden

I know my life has been busy recently but I was shocked to find that I missed blogging not only last Sunday but the Sunday before!

I blame the weather -- it's been sunny enough to entice me into the garden. Then I do too much gardening, come in exhausted, and doze on the sofa :) There has been more to the last two weeks than gardening so here goes:

Weekend before last saw us at Winterbourne house and gardens in Birmingham. Owned by Birmingham University, this Arts and Crafts house with 7 acres of garden is now open to the public. There's a small cafe which does freshly prepared food; it was full by 12.30pm so we lunched on the terrace. A cool experience in more ways than one :D Fortunately the sun came out and warmed us up.

Japanese bridge, Winterbourne gardens

The man giving our front garden a makeover is making good progress with weed-bashing. Last weekend I went through our plant books, getting very enthusiastic and excited about what we might put in when the digging is done. At the moment I'm inclined towards whites, soft pinks, creamy yellow with a bit of blue. It's motivating me to do far too much gardening in the (much larger) back garden. I'm one big ache and reek of Deep Heat which is doing its work on my shoulder.

Finished compost bin (we've already filled it up!)

To loosen up my aching muscles, I ditched all plans last Monday and went for a long walk in the sunshine. It worked. Sort of. There have been lots of meetings in the evenings and on Friday it was back to gardening.

Writing has had to take a back seat although I managed to revise 10 scenes.

The problem is not enough time and energy! It seems that energy can't be had on ebay :)


  1. Good for you getting caught up on all that gardening!
    And ten scenes revised is nothing to sneeze at either. :)
    It's always good to read about what you're up to, and the pictures are a real treat. So serene and enticing!

  2. Even one scene would be better than none :)
    Thanks for your comments Kirsten. Glad you enjoy my blog.