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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Full Moon

I just had to share this.
I went upstairs to close the curtains and saw this large, golden moon rising over the roofs. No time for a tripod so I grabbed a pile of books to rest the camera on. Not ideal - many of the piccies were blurred, but these came out ok enough.

What an amazing colour!
I'm fascinated by the phases of the moon and have an iGoogle Gadget on my Google webpage, so even when it's cloudy I can see what the moon is doing.

I remember visiting Avebury stone circle on the way back north from Salisbury. Night was falling and the stones looked stark silver and black in the bright moonlight. It was a very special experience. (I'm fascinated by stone circles too).


  1. Haunting and beautiful pictures! I share your fascination with our planet's ghostly partner.
    I'm curious about the golden color. I can't recall ever seeing the moon this way. Great shots!

  2. Thanks Kirsten. The moon can be a much deeper orange in October as it's rising. Presumably something to do with the angle the sun's rays are striking it?

  3. PS Half an hour later it was the usual silver/white, much higher in the sky, and brighter. It doesn't stay that colour for long at all.