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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Sunday Summary

It's Sunday again! The sun is shining and surprisingly warm for mid-November although the wind has a cool edge to it. Still plenty of leaves on the trees, some are even green but there's plenty of gold, orange, pinks and deep reds around.

Plant of the month:
Persian ironwood tree Parrotia persica. See a picture here. Beautiful spreading trees which come into their own at this time of the year. The leaves turn multi-coloured as shown here.
I love trees of all kinds but at this time of the year, this is one of my favorites.

Much of my spare has been spent reading one of the recommended books for the Ancient Egyptian evening class Mr Prue and I are doing; The Oxford Book of Ancient Egypt edited by Ian Shaw.

It starts off back in Palaeolithic times around 700,000 years before pesent and goes through to 394 AD,  so it covers quite a chunk of history. For all that, even though it goes through every king and pharaoh it doesn't read like a dry list. There aren't many photographs, and those provided are only in black and white. However, with the Internet a click away, it's possible to access a lot of good colour pictures - as well as a lot more information - very easily.

One of the visually pleasing on-line sites I've been frequenting this week has videos and games, in addition to information. This is Mark Millmore's Ancient Egypt. Full marks for the videos which keep me coming back to this site.

Due to interruptions of various kinds, I've done less than usual. Now on Lesson 19 of Holly Lisle's How To Review Your Novel, so I'm still making progress.

I've also been out and about on the Internet, looking at sites and blogs concerned with publishing, critting etc.


  1. That is a beautiful tree. Love that photo of the pretty leaf!

  2. The leaf is gorgeous, isn't it? Almost as if it's been painted.

    The name 'Persian ironwood' sounds as if it's out of a fantasy book too :)
    The wood might even have magical properties...

  3. It's great to hear that you've finished Lesson 18. I must admit, I'm pretty excited to get back to my revision after NaNo. :)

  4. Thanks Kirsten.
    Good luck with NaNo...and with the revision after November. It's good to have something to look forward to after NaNo.

  5. Prue, I am very fond of Persian ironwoods! There are two specimens at Sissinghurst, where I first witnessed this great beauty.

    Hope the writing is coming along well!

  6. Glad you like 'em Bertie. I'm a fan of the two at Hidcote, with the Cercidophyllum between them. What a combo!