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Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Today got off to a sleepy start - it's one of those still, grey November days that makes me want to hibernate. Once the coffee kicked in (thanks Mr Prue!) and the computer whirred, things got a whole lot better.

My emails held riches - I won  this book! All I had to do was say what format I wanted. Thanks Mari! I look forward to reading your book. Mari Fee's website can be found here.

Then I wandered on to Lolcats and came across a cat in a computer The idea of gigglebytes made me laugh :D
Also this: So many people are creative, and creative in different ways. I write, occasionally knit and sometimes garden. This guy draws cartoons and sings.

A great start to the day with a few goodies to perk things up.
May your Wednesday be equally bright :)

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