Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sunday Summary

Sunday also summery! For the 2nd October 26 degrees C is extraordinary.
Plodding on with revising my Scottish short story. Lesson 9 of Holly Lisle's How to Revise Your Novel. I can hardly wait until I can start the rewrite.

My novel Mystery in Morocco is still on hold but has started to demand more notice. It seems my muse has been working on it unknown to me  and now a few ways of sorting it out are starting to surface. Yay!

The Big News this week is the publication of my piece of 'nano-fiction'The Importance of Interruptions for a Writer, in an anthology (see yesterday's post). A small but satisfying start to my writing career.

A busy, sleepy and fun-filled week. It's been broken up by lots of  one-off events and I went from one to the next dripping quietly in the heat! It's been too hot and humid to sleep at night - unusual for this time of year.

The week ended with the Warwick Words Literary Festival and collecting my copy of the anthology. To celebrate Mr Prue and I went for lunch at Catalan and had tapas with pink bubbly Cava. After a post-prandial snooze we enjoyed the new film version of Jane Eyre at the local arts centre

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