Saturday, 1 October 2011

Short Story Published!

The Warwick Words Literary Festival began today. To celebrate the 10th festival, there was a competition earlier in the year. Write a short story - fiction or non-fiction - of 200 words, or a poem of 20 lines or less. Winning entries to be published in an anthology.

So I entered a story and my work was one of the winners!

Today, that book 'Warwick Words', was released at the start of the Literary Fesitval. Andrew Davies the script writer came and gave a small speech and it was all very exciting.

Not as exciting as seeing my work in print!
There's something very satisfying about seeing my work in a real book which has an ISBN number :)

Now, on with the next - much longer - story and let's see what I can do with that :)


  1. Thanks Rabia!
    A small beginning - but I'm thinkng acorns here :)