Friday, 16 September 2011

What Ho Hidcote!

I've added Bertie Bainbridge's blogspot What ho Hidcote! to my list.

Do take a few moments to visit Bertie's site because he's got some cracking pictures of plants at Hidcote Manor Garden in Gloucestershire, UK. It belongs to the National Trust and was their first garden, given to the nation in 1948 by its then owner, Lawrence Johnston.

It was LJ who created this 10 acre Arts and Crafts garden, made up of small garden rooms which get bigger the further from the house you go, gradually becoming more and more natural until one gets to the edge of the property where the garden merges with the surrounding countryside.

The garden has over 25 different areas, all different and all change during the seasons. I work there as a garden steward. Bertie Bainbridge is one of the garden


  1. Hi Prue! Many thanks for the support, glad you have been enjoying my photographs!

  2. You're welcome Bertie. I visit your blog regularly because there's so much to see there!It's great hearing and seeing other gardens too.