Friday, 22 October 2010


600 or so words on the HTTS novel. No working title yet.
It's a fantasy/comedy but the first chapter isn't much fun...hmmm.

I've been wandering around feeling that I'm not ready to start, that I need to do more planning. Yet I know if I do too much, I'll lose interest. Could this be a touch of 'safe never starts'?

The ice is broken. I feel less than enthusiastic. What is bothering me is that a wonderful story being planned and kept in my head for the last year has suddenly 'woken up' again. I feel too inexperienced to start it. I want to do it well because it's a complex story. There's one scene which is not just a candy-bar scene, it's a candy-bar store!

Maybe I should try writing it...just that scene and get it out of my head. Or perhaps try planning the book, on paper. I know the beginning, some of the middle but as yet have no end.

Other Writing:
Yes, there is other writing. I feel amazed. I've been doing some work in the work group and have come up with a short story. A short story I rather like.

I hope you can hear the amazement in the above sentence :)
I don't read short stories. I don't like short stories - after connecting with the characters, I come to the end feeling like Oliver Twist, wanting more. That I should have written one is, well, bizarre.

Will look through the first part tomorrow and post it here. Yes. That's what I'll do. After making the red pepper jelly.

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