Thursday, 26 August 2010

Reading Lists

I've come across reading lists during my life - at school, college and on the various courses I've done since then. It is doubtful whether I made as full a use of them as I might have done.

So when I received a list from Holly Lisle recently, I took notice and printed it off. It comes in two parts: fiction and non-fiction.

I read non-fiction frequently but have got into slushy habits with fiction this year. It's time to start reading again, and with a writer's eye.

The first book on the list which I haven't read before is the third one; Don Quixote. It's on the shelf in the hall. Half an hour a day either early in the morning or evening should be do-able. Watch this space :)

You can get a copy of the list from
Have fun!

P.S. I did NOT make this post at the time it says! (08:26). No way! It's nearly 5pm. Must sort the clock out...

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