Monday, 23 August 2010


Feed the fish - click on their tank.

Lesson 3 and waiting for my Muse to produce three ideas. One has come through partially and is very different from what I thought she might produce. Exciting! :)

On hold due to aftermath of a fluey cold. I'm way behind with my schedule but at least working with HTTS.

"Mistborn - the Last Empire" by Brandon Sanderson, courtesy of Lady Q. Halfway through and some great ideas in it. More later when I've finished reading.

The season of "mists and mellow fruitfulness" is nearly upon us and the fruit and vegetables are starting to ripen.
It's been a mixed bag - some good, some less so.
Six cucumber plants are way too many and I never want to see a cucumber again :)
Runner beans - poor set this year.
Onions - small.
Tomatoes starting to ripen.
Melons - anyone know when they are ready to pick?

I haven't grown this much for a long time. I live and learn...and relearn :)


  1. The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. Keats could say that, because he didn't live in Texas. Here the end of summer is quite a different animal--or vegetable, I guess. You live in such a gentle climate. Sometimes I envy that.

    Forums to check, people to feed, then writing! It's a good day. :)

  2. My garden's done for the year. My fault, really, for not keeping up with the weeding, harvesting and sowing. I always have such enthusiasm for it in the spring, but it peters out by mid-summer.

    Melons sound wonderful, though!

  3. I wonder what Keats would have said of Texas, Texanne? :) You're right, we have a gentle climate - easy to forget.

    Rabia - I do the same. So many other things compete for my attention. The melons do look exotic in the corner of the greenhouse.