Monday, 20 January 2014

Route Planned!

The title says it all!

I went out and treated myself to some new maps to cover the route and then, with a bright pink marker, marked the route I plan to walk. One thing for sure - I won't lose myself on the map. The route stands out Very Clearly :D

On a trip down to Kent yesterday, doing 70mph along the motorway in Kent, I looked up at the North Downs which rise up along the side of the motorway. The ridge of hills stretched out into the distance far beyond where I was going in the car. The path I will be walking is somewhere up on that ridge!

It suddenly seemed a very long way!

Also have a list of villages and towns along the route so the next job is to find places to stay, work out how far I can walk each day and book somewhere to stay each night.

On the subject of walking, the training is going well. Last week I walked 26 miles - two walks of 10 miles each made me feel that perhaps I might actually be able to pull this sponsored walk off :D
Just need to up the walking rate - 10 miles a day for a number of days would be a move in the right direction...

Watch this space :)

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