Monday, 12 March 2012

Another Sunday Summary nearer Spring!

We've had some sunshine this last week and trees are coming into blossom, daffodils are opening so fast you can almost watch the petals unfurl and on Saturday we saw the first butterfly of the year!

Mr Prue caught another bug and has been badly affected again so we had to cancel some outings. However, we did get to a film of a live performance of The Comedy of Errors from the National Theatre. I can only say it was weird to watch a play on film and hear the 'live' audience in London reacting differently from the audience in the Midlands! Distracting when you hear people laugh and you wonder what they're laughing at :)

I collated the responses from my beta-readers for the short story. I felt a little overwhelmed and decided to put it to one side for a while.
Work on the second revision of Mystery in Morocco is going well, and I'm sorting out the remaining serious plot problems.

At present, everything has come to a halt because an essay which I thought had to be handed in in a couple of weeks is due in on Wednesday. Eeep! I blame my new diary. It has a week to a page with the page opposite a picture of a garden. It is beautiful but seems to confuse things and I get the weeks muddled up.


  1. Greetings Prue! I hope you are well. Great to hear the butterflies are back in action in your area!

    1. Greetings Bertie! Yes, it's great to see the butterflies again.