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Sunday, 18 December 2011

One Week to Go...

...until Christmas Day! 'Holidaze' is how the site 'What Kate Wore' describes the period. Very apt in my opinion as the parties, lunches and general fest hits us.

After the essay from hell was out of the way, I looked forward to an evening Christmas social with the geology society. It was one of those get-togethers where everyone brings food for a shared buffet.  Wonderful! I did my favorite cajun spiced chicken legs and a bowl of bite-sized celery pieces with primula-with-herbs smoothed into the curved space.

Then there was a similar contribute-to-a-lunch on Firday. Different people, different food and equally good. It's easy to eat way too much. :)

Other than that, we've been engrossed in Masterchef the Professionals. It has been a revelation to see what can be done with food. This is Michelin-star quality food being cooked - and I want some! The food tastes good (according to Michel Roux Jr and Greg Wallace, the judges) and looks like a work of art. Stunning!

Food is really important to me and this programme has encouraged me to try new things. Ok, the herring the other evening were a bit of a disaster. Tonight is lamb tagine with apricots and roasted root vegetables, so fingers crossed it will be better. I love food with good flavour, especially herbs and spices, and a rich tagine is just what's needed as the temperatures slip below freezing!

I finished the essay from hell. Next week, I've promised myself to get back to my short story even though Christmas is on the horizon.


  1. Your post is making my mouth water! Any chance we could see some recipes? :)
    Wishing you and those you love a very happy Christmas!

  2. I'll certainly do some receipes in the New Year. I love tasty food and I think food is so important to writers - to keep them going!

    Thanks for the Christmas wishes. Happy Christmas to you and yours, and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.