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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Sunday Summary

I went to an 80th birthday party this week and enjoyed immensely the canapes, champagne and cakes in a wonderful setting.

Mostly this week was overshadowed by Mr Prue's health. We found out that he has a latent TB infection. While this isn't causing him problems now, it could do later in life, so he's decided to have treatment to kill it off; a large dose of an antibiotic for 6 months. Fingers crossed he gets none of the possible side-effects from this aggressive drug.

We celebrated (yeah, weird I know but the results from the tests could have been much worse) by going to the Motorhome and Caravan show at the NEC. Caravaners, motorhomers and campers seem to be a friendly bunch and we had a fun day.
Now all we need is to have a modest win on the lottery! :D

I wrote a poem this week based on a vivid dream. Last Sunday morning I went back to sleep. On waking the dream seemed an hour long but had only lasted five minutes. This discrepancy gave me a strange feeling of dislocation - it was as if I'd been in a timewarp.
I wrote the poem that night and worked on it so it represented my dream and that dislocation.
And then I sent it in to the National Poetry Competition!

Short story revision going well and I'm about to do my 'laundry list'. Can't wait to start cutting and rewriting and getting the story to be more like it is in my head.

Just finished 'Birdsong' by Sebastian Faulks. It is beautifully written and yet harrowing in places as much of it's set on the battlefields of the First World War.
On the basis of this book, am now reading 'Charlotte Gray'. Set in the Second World War this is another of the French Trilogy (Lion d'Or, Birdsong, Charlotte Gray).

Next week
A cold snap is coming - must look out warm clothes!
Make list for cutting short story.
Evening class starts: Ancient Egyptian history. This will provide background (and hopefully inspiration) for the book after Mystery in Morocco.

Have a good week, all :)


  1. Oh, dear. Poor Mr. Prue. Best wishes to you both as he makes his way towards full recovery.

  2. Thanks for your good wishes Rabia.