Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sunday Summary

Autumn is coming, leaves are changing colour and the sun is shining while the air is cool and fresh. We've taken advantage of the good walking conditions and been out and about. Lots of other things to do too. Now Mr Prue is getting better, it's been lovely to go out to a film or concert and go out with friends.

Mr Prue was told that the lung infection he's had for so long has gone but its after-effects could hang around for another 18 months! I want to wrap him in a large, soft duvet and cosset him all winter. Going out for walks to increase his fitness, strength and appetite is probably more useful :)

Revision of Will Ye No Come Back Again creeps forward. I love my characters and am enjoying revising this short story. It's helped to keep me sane this year so I want to polish it so it shines.

Time to start thinking of another story. I'd like one story in revision, one being written and one in the planning stage...but first, I need to take control of my week. I have Monday and Thursday free to do some writing - in theory.

Problem !
Plenty of space in the diary on Mondays and Thursdays. If anything needs doing, I put it down in these 2 days. So I allow my writing time to be eaten away.

For the next few weeks, I've put WRITING in big letters in Monday and Thursday and scribbled in the space around that word. It is now impossible to write anything in for either day. That should work!

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