Saturday, 12 March 2011

Sunday Summary

It's been a week of meetings and things going astray from a hand on the alarm clock disintegrating to my husband loosing his gloves somewhere in Shropshire, a six-inch crack developing on my windshield, a chunk of the tv aerial falling off and so on.

Yesterday (Saturday) I was helping at an event at the local museum. I got to watch John Lord, flint-knapper, making a hand axe out of a chunk of grey flint.

A visit to the local theatre to see four short plays by Chekov. I didn't know he'd written any comedies - they were done well and it was an entertaining evening.

Writing has suffered because of all the coming and going. I finished doing some beta-reading which I enjoyed tremendously - the first I've ever done.
Also going through Lesson 1 of HTWAS to see if I need to make any changes to Mystery in Morocco if it is to be the first of a mystery series.

It's time I was getting back to Mystery in Morocco. It seems that I work on it for a while, then need a break. It consoles me that Colin Dexter (of Inspector Morse fame) took three years to write the first of that series...


  1. WTF? You live in England. You don't have a windshield unless you imported a left-hand drive Cadillac while I wasn't looking! :D

    Paul did a flintknapping workshop with John Lord a few years ago. It's a dangerous occupation... leather trousers are advised. :)

  2. :D :D :D Last time I looked it wasn't a Cadillac...just a Mazda Premacy. It shields me from the wind erg it can be a wind shield. True, it screens me from the wind too erg it can be a wind screen. A stone hit it the other day and made a little hole right down near the metal. Then a big crack expanded up the windscreen/shield/glass thingy.

    Yeah, the flint knapping sends shards everywhere. He'd got some super-cool safety goggle but wasn't, of course, wearing them himself. Awesome to watch and requires a lot of energy. He was thinning a chunk of flint, coming in from each side. On the last side, he gave it a thwack and the flint cracked across. He showed me and there was a tiny fossil inside - about 2mm but hollow and filled with tiny crystals which sparkled in the sun :)
    He seemed fairly chilled about it. The fossil was super though and I was pleased to see that. He says it happens sometimes.

  3. er...that should read 'ergo' - forgetting my endings :D