Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sunday Summary

Life slowed down this last week because of a wonky knee. Resting it has done it good and now I can walk without pain. Being an active person, all the sitting around has reduced me to a dozy heap! It hasn't done a lot for the housework either :D
It was great to go out for a short walk yesterday, round the Cotswold town of
Chipping Campden The buildings are all made out of local limestone and date back hundreds of years.

You might think sitting around for a week would be a Good Thing for getting a lot of writing done but lack of activity makes me sleepy so I got less writing done than usual. I've nodded over my keyboard, fighting to keep my eyes open and often not succeeding :)

I've got through 40 scenes working out who know what in relation to the plot. It's slow work but reading through the revised ms is useful. Taking the ms through Holly Lisle's HTRYN has improved my work enormously. Yes, there are still a few plot holes to close up but I'm amazed at the difference. I feel a tingle of excitement and the realisation it may be publishable quality by the time I've finished.

Tomorrow I have a slot booked with my sister to talk over my 2010 NaNoNovel which won't be quiet and stay in the metaphoric drawer where I put it. It keeps floating through my mind, demanding attention. It's a potentially dark and scarey fantasy set in Iron Age Britain and it feels too hot to handle at the moment. How can I have thought up a book and be scared of it? Now that's a new experience :D

It was my second idea from Holly Lisle's How to Think Sideways course and I put it through NaNoWriMo as it wasn't the one I really wanted to write. I saved my favorite idea to take through HTTS but, strangely, this idea has dwindled to nothing.

Or perhaps what I thought was my second choice was actually the one my Muse really wanted me to write...


  1. I'm simmering a novel idea right now that has me both excited and scared. Huge world, multiple storylines and POVs, lots of complexity... oh yes, this wants to be huge. I can take my time with this one, though. I have lots of smaller stories waiting to be written.

  2. Sounds humongous!
    I love the idea of 'simmering' a novel - on the back burner, flavors melding together, increasing in richness and goodness...need a beta-reader? :D