Monday, 14 February 2011

Monday Musings

I've decided to try and introduce an element of structure to my blog. A review of the previous week seems a good place to start on a Monday.

So, I give you Monday Musings; musings on the previous week.

Unfortunately, due to a heavy cold last week my energy disappeared and so did my ability to think, be creative and do anything very much other than surf the net or read a book (light novel).

Cold over, the main activity was sorting out all our books, novels first. It's not a straightforward job because we keep finding little nests of novels tucked away in a corners :)

I'm surprised by what we don't have! There are what seem like curious ommissions. And there are a large number I've never read *rubs hands with glee*.

Getting the books out and on shelves so cool! It's been a dream I've carried for nearly 20 years :) It makes me wonder if I should have been a librarian :D

Mystery in Morocco - 2595 words.
Hit a wall because the section near the end is so messed up (it was my first NaNoNovel, no planning) that it needs a major rethink before any more writing is possible.

In the major re-sort of books, I found Selected Poems by Laurie Lee. This took me back to my school days; he was the only poet whose work I enjoyed.
Now, I'm enthralled by the way he uses words and feel that I get mildly drunk on the experience :D
His work inspires me.

As I focus more on my writing, I find myself turning to poetry again after many years of abstinence.

Do you enjoy poetry? If so, who are your favorite poets? Does poetry have any place in novel writing?

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