Monday, 10 January 2011


On 15th December last year, I read LadyQ's blog and took her personal goal as a challenge for me: 500 words a day or bust! I wanted to make writing a daily pursuit and to change my attitude from 'writing is something to be done when everything else has been done first' to a more professional attitude.

Then I went onto the HTTS forum and posted my acceptance of the challenge. It was a pleasant surprise when a number of people joined me :)

Since then, I've written something most days. Sometimes it's been less than 500 words, sometimes it's been more. And I've kept that up five days out of seven (two days off per week) with a bit of a stumble during the long Christmas/New Year holiday.

Know there was a group of people all with a similar goal in mind has helped me stay focused on writing. I find it energising seeing others saying what they have achieved whether words written or brainstorming or the next lesson of HTTS. It's all good :)

My total words since 15th December: 19,500!

Persistence pays.
So does being part of a supportive group :)
Come and join us.


  1. Yes! It's great to have other people doing the same challenge alongside me. Thanks for taking that little idea and running with it.

  2. I had to have something to run with. Thank you too!

    Team work :)