Thursday, 27 January 2011

Be very aware!

I've been under the weather today - one of the many bugs circulating in the UK at this time of year found its way into my winter-worn system. Swathed in a fleece throw, huddled in front of the computer screen half-asleep, I've not done much today and was feeling pretty miserable about it.

It's now evening and I went to post my word count. About to write 'No words today,' I stopped. No writing this morning but I did do a little tinkering this afternoon with the end of yesterday's scene. Finished it off, in fact. I checked yesterday's word count and today's word count. The difference?

420 words.

I wrote 420 words today but was convinced I'd done nothing! :)
True, a lot of chores went undone. True I didn't do any planning for my short story.
But I have inched toward my goal, my main, all-important goal, of finishing the rewrite of Mystery in Morocco.

*fanfare of trumpets*

Sometimes I wish I could add new bits of software to my brain and delete others :)
I find it so easy to focus on what I haven't done, rather than what I've accomplished.

Did you achieve what you wanted to achieve today? And did it include your main goal?


  1. I got over 900 words on the WIP--yay! But several members of my family (2 kids and 1 husband) are under the weather, so I need to put on my kindly nurse hat for them. Poor babies.

  2. Yay! 900 words is great!
    It's a bug-ridden time of year - I hope your family feel better soon.