Wednesday, 15 December 2010


Mystery in Morocco
I'm picking up Mystery in Morocco again. I feel good about it and have read through the rewritten scenes (not many). There are a lot of new scenes to add so I'll take it through HTRYN again. Holly's message comes back to comfort me: the first time is the worst.

The Challenge
As seen on Rabia's website: 500 words a day or bust!
So I've agreed to run with her on that one. Not all my words will be new ones because it's Lesson 17 rewrite; there will be a lot of new ones though, so I think it will count :)

Holly's Motivation Mini-Course
It started off easily and has become more and more intensive. Five exercises and I'm on the last one, working out my goals and working out what needs doing for them.
This was something I could do so well at work but transferring those skills to home and to writing has not worked very well.

After doing 50,000 words I did no writing during the first two weeks of December. I have 13 scenes which are well structured and will make up part of a book. "Time to Go" is a fantasy set in the first century AD in Wales, and is about time travel, magic and a tangle of human relationships.
Very different from last year when I sketched out a whole book in 50,000 words and then spent the next 8 months pulling it apart and trying to work out where the scenes were :)

It's December and the year is about to turn. What have you got planned for 2011?


  1. I am also taking my HTRYN ms through another revision. I think the second time through is easier :) Good luck!

  2. Good luck to you too :)

    It's good to hear that the second time is easier for you. That's music to my ears.

  3. I haven't decided on my writing goals yet. Don't know whether to be realistic and set the bar low, or challenge myself more this year.

  4. Next year is going to be about the business, I think - and if that works, trying to get some balance between that and the rest of my life... ('Life' here probably defined as that which happens whilst you're making other plans!) :)

  5. Hi Prue! Funny I find my way over here to find that you and I are STILL on the same path at the same place... I'm struggling with buckling down on my mystery or setting it aside to focus on a new project that's tickling the back of my mind. Leaning towards buckling down, though I'm terrified of the work that lies ahead.

    Good luck on restarting HTRYN! I'm going to start the motivation course this weekend, maybe spend the holidays on that and then get back again in January. (I'm taking mine back to Lesson 10; stuck in the middle of it, though...)

  6. Rabia, good luck with whatever you do! I'll be standing on the sidelines cheering :)

    Sarah, good luck with the business. I'll be cheering for you too! :)

  7. Thanks Rebecca. So far it's going well. Slowly but surely. Good luck with the motivation course. I've been through that and it helped focus my mind.

    And good luck with your other projects too. I'll be cheering you on too :D