Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Back Again

Back again, brain still on holiday, gradually catching up with the various threads of life.

Lesson 4, The Sentence *groans*.
I know I do things in far too much detail but I'm not getting anywhere near a sentence with two of the ideas. True my brain's not been working since coming home but this is Hard Slog.

Today I realised I was focussed on what I wasn't achieving (a sentence) and missing what I was achieving and was a bit stunned by this. Since NaNo last year I've thought how amazing it would be to actually plan a book. I realised this would come eventually as I progressed through HTTS.

I missed the fact that I WAS planning the main storyline of the book. For a few moments I felt like a 'real' writer :)

One week away and we return to mayhem in the form of weeds, long grass and huge, inedible cucumbers in the glasshouse. Harvest the tomatoes and have another go at oven-drying and storing under oil and vinegar.
The tomato jam I tried before the holiday didn't set. Today I emptied it into the preserving pan, added a finely chopped apple, boiled for longer and potted up. The set isn't great but I don't want it solid. I felt a considerable amount of satisfaction :)

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